Guillaume Devailly

Guillaume Devailly

Researcher in farm animal epigenetics




I am a researcher in farm animal genetics and epigenetics at GenPhySE, INRAE, located in Toulouse, France. I joined the GenEpi team there in 2017, after a postdoctoral position in Anagha Joshi’s group at the Roslin Institute (Edinburgh, UK).

Now a computational biologist, I started at the bench studying binding sites of the DNA methylation reader MBD2 during oncogenic transformation during my PhD. In my postdoc, I developed visualisations and webtools of transcriptomic and epigenomic data, including Heat*seq and PEREpigenomics.

I am building up my geneticist skills at INRAE, doing eQTL detection in pigs, FAANG data visualisations, and planning projects in satiety regulation through induced epi-mutations.

  • Farm animal epigenetics
  • DNA methylation
  • Epigenetic editing
  • Transcriptionnal regulation
  • R
  • PhD in cancer epigenetics, 2014

    Cancer Research Center of Lyon, France

  • Master Degree in Biosciences, 2011

    ENS de Lyon, France

  • French agrégation in life and earth sciences, 2010

    ENS de Lyon, France


Researcher (CR)
Nov 2017 – Present Toulouse, France
Researcher in farm animal genetics & epigenetics
Post-doctoral Researcher
Jan 2015 – Oct 2017 Edinburgh, UK
Bioinformatics of epigenomics
PhD student
Sep 2011 – Dec 2014 Lyon, France
DNA methylation and oncogenic transformation

Recent Publications

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